Trance State

A trance is a state of ‘resting wakefulness’, without worries, and without narrow focus. In Trance you are more open, spontaneous, creative, connective, and divergent. A space where you can look at your habitual mindsets from a different perspective. Beyond what you usually see and think you can shift your beliefs and behaviour.

Accessing an altered state of consciousness (ASC) using breathing techniques has been practiced for thousands of years. In the early 1960s, LSD researchers re-discovered breathing techniques that produce many of the benefits of psychedelics. Benefits like deactivating the default mode network (DMN) without the chemical risks, and with the ability to stay fully present.

By exploring your (un)consciousness, you gain deeper appreciation for your potential, and a more profound vision for your life. Moreover, you’ll expanded your toolkit to master the interaction between your psyche and body. Stimulating infinite possibilities and enjoying extraordinary living.

A trance makes it easier to surrender to the ‘life-force current’. A trance state allows personal non-habitual parts of your brain ’to communicate with each other. In some cultures, breath is synonym for source of life; life-force; spirit; prana; ch’i; creativity; intuition; vibrancy; and so on.

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