let your breath set you free


☆ Trance Breathing ☆ ignites travelling beyond your consciousness.
Accessing your intuition and spreading your wings.

one-on-one or in a Breathing Circle
☆ Guided Dynamic Conscious Breathing
☆ Trance music
☆ Shifting your reality
☆ Inviting a Trance state
☆ Taping into your imaginative, and inventive power
☆ Connecting to your Hart’s wisdom

A trance state is often called an altered state of consciousness (ASC). A state transcending your daily mindset where you connect to your unconscious and intuitive Knowing (more).

Sanne: “Magisch om mee te maken. Ik voelde echt die diepe connectie met mezelf en voelde alles wat me nog tegenhoudt om het leven ten volle te leven. Heel waardevol!”