☆ Trance Breathing ☆ ignites travelling beyond your consciousness.
Accessing your intuition and spreading your wings.

one-on-one or in a Breathing Circle
☆ Guided Dynamic Conscious Breathing
☆ Trance music
☆ Shifting your reality
☆ Inviting a Trance state
☆ Taping into your imaginative, and inventive power
☆ Connecting to your Hart’s wisdom

A trance state is often called an altered state of consciousness (ASC). A state transcending your daily mindset where you connect to your unconscious and intuitive knowing (more).

Sanne: “Magisch om mee te maken. Ik voelde echt die diepe connectie met mezelf en voelde alles wat me nog tegenhoudt om het leven ten volle te leven. Heel waardevol!”

You can meet me at Blue Birds West in Amsterdam. Every Wednesday I facilitate a breathing circle from 18:30-19:30:
Gentle Breathwork and Meditation
Book your class through Blue Birds West, OneFit, ClassPass, etc

I offer my sessions online and in person. I follow all Dutch COVID-19 regulations.
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