Indiv. Therapy

Therapy expands your awareness. Brings insight and new experiences. Supports Healing, self-regulation and internal stability. Inspiring you to take care of yourself during every experience in your life.

I guide Therapy -based on experiencing your body– balancing breath, body and mind. Fostering love and curiosity for what is happening right now. Sensing your life in your body. Exploring all parts of you. Facilitating you to notice and feel what you weren’t aware of before. Unravelling constrictive narratives with permission of your Internal System! Listening to emotions that do not (yet) feel open and free.

“My body is glowing with important data (…) my portal to magnificent and creative living.”
Matt Licata

In my experience Healing starts with Slowing-down. With Tuning-in. Allowing myself to be aware of what’s happening. Listening to my body, Reconnects me to my intuitive Self. ☆ S.T.A.R.

I’m inspired by transpersonal- and body orientated therapies. For instance IFS, a powerful (Trauma-Informed) therapeutic approach that can help you heal from the effects of un-integrated experiences and trauma. Supporting you to develop a more integrated and cohesive sense of self.

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