Therapy in Energy offers relaxation, inspiration, and realization uniquely applicable to your situation and life. We tune into the root of what’s causing discomfort. I work on clearing the Energy in and all around you. Recommended for people experiencing to be highly sensitive; Also known as hyper sensitive or Indigo. This treatment can work problems intangible to your doctor.

Due to our distancing rules, I adapted this modality for now. Mail me for info.

Therapy in Energy:
-Time devoted to connect and talk about you
-Clarifying your request
-A safe and sacred space for you to lay on
-A full session of sacred Energy-work
-Uncovering what is blocking you
-Planting seeds for inspiration and change
-A short manifesting meditation
-Sharing insights and sensations

Individual rate: € 100 free from VAT*
Duration: about 90 minutes*
Discounts: -10% for 3 sessions payed at once
Childrens rate: contact me
Business rate: € 150 for 90 minutes, free from VAT

I recommend you schedule at least 3 sessions to clear your Energy physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Receiving more insight in what’s blocking you. And creating more joy of life.

Location: Amsterdam
Language: Dutch or English
Please wear comfortable clothes. Brings warm socks. Plan some free time after your session to integrate what moved you.

Contact me for info or to schedule your session:

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