Hanneke: “You led the session very calm and loving. With confidence and attention. (… ) allowing me to open-up (…) I could explore with curiosity without urging to change or pushing anything away. (…) Breathing felt light and airy after the session (…) very pleasant!”

Louise: “Mira is a coach with extraordinary sensitivity. (…) very gentle and instinctive, always checking my limits and inviting me to dive into a sensation if I was ready. (…) To make contact with the memories that are stored in my tissues and set them free. (… ) I felt understood, respected and cherished as a human being, in a safe space of healing and transformation.”

Jos: “Mira can guide me into what I need, instead of telling me what to do.”

Mirna: “Apparently, even when I do not know what I long for, my breath helps me becoming aware of what I need.”

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