LB: “Mira is a coach with extraordinary sensitivity. I felt able to be open about the roots of dis-ease in my body. (…) She led the session in a very gentle and instinctive way, always checking my limits and inviting me to dive into a sensation if I was ready. She has a gifted ability to know when to be close and when to stand back. (…) I felt invited to do so in that space with Mira, to feel unashamed and free my true spirit. (…) To make contact with the memories that are stored in my tissues and set them free. It was a cleansing experience. I felt understood, respected and cherished as a human being, in a safe space of healing and transformation.”

JB: “Mira can guide me into what I need, instead of telling me what to do.”

MI: “Apparently, even when I do not know what I long for, my breath helps me becoming aware of what I need.”

HV: “You led the session very calm and loving. With confidence and attention. (…) Your clear explanation enabled me to be open-up to whatever was about to take place. It was a special experience, resulting in a lot of (…) heavy sensations and painful impressions. I could handle them through being mindful and exploring with curiosity without urging to change or wanting the sensations to go away. I noticed being able to let go a little of my tendency to control. (…) Breathing felt light and airy after the session, that was nice too. Taking some time for myself (…) in times where I am caring for others on speed mode, was very pleasant!”

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