single (in person) private session€ 120 per session
private sessions
3 x = € 300= € 100 per session
6 x = € 510= € 85 per session
10 x = € 750= € 75 per session
2 participants**+ 15%
3 participants**+ 25%
business rates+ 40%
private sessions online (one person only)– 15% off price and duration
online Breathing Circle for groups*€ 15 pp per Circle.
prepaid pass = 25% off
all rates are free from VAT

*Online Breathing Circles are group-sessions; I work with a minimum of 3 participants.
** Using Conscious Connected Breath on more than one person in one room during our pandemic? I work with this specific breathing technique only with participants that don’t have to keep each other at a distance, like partners for example. I only do the these in person. If you want to do breathwork online with a group, please book my online Breathing Circle.