more on Integrative Breathing

Integrative Breathing is about being curious about the language of your body. About tending to the full range of being human: joy, fear, pain, shame, guilt, grief, anger, anxiety, courage, and love. In my experience, integrating emotional and relational wounds are best supported when manifested through my body. When we feel safe, we can embody what we couldn’t feel before. Therefore, I call this therapeutic approach: Integrative Breathing.

Integrative Breathing is about exploring what contracts you: physically, mentally and emotionally. Also about becoming more aware of how you make sense of your experiences. How the stories you tell yourself influence the way you interact with yourself and with people in your life. Seeing how some of your believes and habits are mechanisms that may have outdated their use.

Circular Breathing sessions are part of this journey, as they can induce images and ideas about what brings you joy and spaciousness. Bringing you wisdom and strength to respond with responsible clarity. Igniting inspiration to transform. Giving you experiences to rewire neural pathways.

Wat zou je doen –
-Als al je eisen vervallen?
-Als al je angsten hun kracht verliezen?
-Als oude richtlijnen niet blijken te kloppen?
-Als de enige autoriteit je eigen autoriteit is?

Als je ruimte hebt:
Wat doet er dan werkelijk toe?
Hoe wil je dan je leven organiseren?
Welk verlangen durf je dan te volgen?