Me in my Modality

My sessions allow you to really be with yourself. I give you an experience that supports listening to your body; to who you are. This fosters the integration of your life-experiences. Your body is the key to your wisdom.

Can you fully be you? How do you express yourself? How much are you aware of what you feel? Aware of your longing underneath your question? Do you have the tendency to push away- or pull towards- specific sensations?

I facilitate bringing awareness to your consciousness. I invite you to notice your feelings. I support you to fully be with the palette of your sensations. I do this because I myself have extensively denied, controlled and pushed away vibrations. Resulting in a harnessed and contracted body. My system felt jammed-up. I had physical pain and mental issues.

Like many others I’ve met, I used to merely survive- rather than living a vibrant life. Now breathwork supports me choosing joy over anxiety. The wisdom of my body propels integrating (past) experiences.

For me, integration starts with feeling deeply. This raises awareness. The understanding that follows expands consciousness. Resulting in letting go of all kinds of habits and contractions. Opening-up allows me to rewire ‘the pathways of thoughts’. To see, think and act differently. To allow creativity and joy to flow through me.

In guide body-centered-psychotherapy. I foster making yourself more available to your intuitive information. Permitting your breath and body to be your source of inspiration, and joy. Breath is synonym to source of life / spirit / prana / ch’i / creativity / etc .

Your journey of integration, tuning into you essence and joy of life.

Let’s talk about where you are and what you long for.
A clarity phonecall is free.
I am Mira Vrdoljak +316 45768811

Breath touches the 5 pointed star-being; the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetical being. STAR will be one of my future workshops:
Slow-down – Tune-in – Attend – Recalibrate

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