let your breath set you free


☆ Integrative Breathing ☆ is doing deep-inner-work. Exploring the narratives of your roots; Recognising your habits; reflecting on your behaviour; Travelling beyond what you have understood so-far; Being inspired to re-story yourself. Including tools to regulate your system yourself (more).

☆ Clarify your request
☆ Guided Circular Breathing
☆ Observing how you interact with yourself and others
☆ Exploring your reactions; feelings, emotions and beliefs
☆ Considering which basic needs you somehow didn’t embody
☆ Learning to listen to your body
☆ Integrating what is unconscious into your conscious awareness
☆ Permitting your breath and body to be your source of inspiration

☆ Integrative Breathing is about being curious about the language of your body. About tending to the full range of being human; joy, fear, pain, shame, guilt, grief, anger, anxiety, courage, and love. In my experience, integrating emotional and relational wounds are best supported when manifested through my body. When we feel safe, we can embody what we couldn’t feel before. Therefore, I call this therapeutic approach: Integrative Breathing (more).

☆ I recommend 6 sessions on a row. Integrative Breathing is a step-by-step somatic journey. Private sessions include Coaching, Breathwork and Bodywork. In my experience, the process of going inwards unfolds slowly over time. Meeting different guides along the way, and honouring your inner compass.