Integrative Breathing ★ is doing deep-inner-work. Exploring the narratives of your roots. Recognising your habits, reflecting on your behaviour, tools to regulate your system, travelling beyond and being inspired to re-story yourself.

☆ Clarify your request
☆ Guided Breathing Sessions: Conscious Connected Breathing*
☆ Observing how you interact with yourself and others
☆ Exploring your reactions; feelings, emotions and beliefs
☆ Considering which basic needs you somehow didn’t embody
☆ Learning to listen to your body
☆ Integrating what is unconscious into your conscious awareness
☆ Permitting your breath and body to be your source of inspiration

In this program you embark upon a journey to reflect on yourself. Exploring what contracts you; physically, mentally and/or emotionally. Becoming more aware of how you make sense of your experiences. How the stories you tell yourself influence the way you interact with yourself and with people in your life. Seeing how some of your believes and habits are defence mechanisms. At the same time experiencing how your body can only reorganise itself when you are safe.

Images and ideas induced by Conscious Connected Breathing will show you what brings you joy and spaciousness. Self-knowledge can inspire you to shift your ways and rewire neural pathways. Bringing you wisdom and strength to respond with clarity to regenerate.

Integrative Breathing is for all of us curious about the language of our body. About being available to the full range of human experiences; joy, pain, courage, love, anger, and anxiety. It’s an embodied, and sensitive approach to psychological growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation. Through a breathing technique called: Conscious Connected Breathing you can experience what it feels like to be inspired by your intuition. Feeling inspired supports your process of integration. Therefore, I call this therapy: Integrative Breathing.

*I recommend > 6 sessions. Integrative Breathing is body-oriented-psychotherapy and a step-by-step journey. In my experience, the process of going inwards unfolds slowly over time; Meeting different guides along the way, and honouring my inner compass.

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