☆ Integrative Breathing ☆ is doing deep-inner-work. Exploring the narratives of your roots. Recognising your habits, reflecting on your behaviour, tools to regulate your system, travelling beyond what you have understood so-far and being inspired to re-story yourself.

☆ Clarify your request
☆ Guided Circular Breathing
☆ Observing how you interact with yourself and others
☆ Exploring your reactions; feelings, emotions and beliefs
☆ Considering which basic needs you somehow didn’t embody
☆ Learning to listen to your body
☆ Integrating what is unconscious into your conscious awareness
☆ Permitting your breath and body to be your source of inspiration

☆ Integrative Breathing is for all of us curious about the language of our body. About tending to the full range of being human; joy, pain, shame, courage, love, anger, and anxiety. In my experience, integrating emotional and relational wounds are best supported when manifested through my body. When I feel safe, I can embody what I couldn’t feel before. Therefore, I call this therapeutic approach: Integrative Breathing (more).

☆ I recommend 6 sessions. Integrative Breathing is a step-by-step somatic journey. In my experience, the process of going inwards unfolds slowly over time. Meeting different guides along the way, and honouring your inner compass.

I offer my sessions online and in person. I follow all Dutch COVID-19 regulations.

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