Counseling expands your awareness. Brings insight in what feels tight.

We talk about- and feel into what is unclear in your life. Creating space to see things from a different perspective. Illuminating overwhelming sensations by tending to your felt-sense. Inspiring you to wake up dormant parts and be curious.

I facilitate safety for you to feel and see what you weren’t aware of before. To relax the narratives that contract you. Clarity to see your own answers.

My body-oriented-counseling shifts the story you tell yourself. Opens-up inspiration to change the way you respond to yourself, and to people in your life. Transforms the way you live your life.

“Therapy is not, in the end, about diagnosis, procedures, or cures, but about developing a new kind of living relationship with one’s experiencing.” (…) When we feel contracted, dry, and flat, we feel removed from ourselves. When our feeling space expands, deepens, and flows, we feel grounded in our being. John Welwood – Toward a psychology of awakening – Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and the path of personal and spiritual transformation.