Therapy expands your awareness. Brings insight and new experiences. Supports change and guides self-regulation. Inspiring you to take care of yourself during every experience in your life.

I facilitate safety for you to feel and see what you weren’t aware of before. We also use Breathwork and Bodywork to feel deeply into your past experiences. Unravel the narratives that contract you. Regulate the sensations that inhibit you form living your life open and free.

The first essential step is usually about being aware ánd noticing exactly what is going on in your life right now. Mind-body connection brings you this awareness.

A transformational journey is usually a path turning deep within. A quest requiring courage, dedication and perseverance to connect with yourself and to unravel un-ease. Clearly expressing what it is you long for and exploring experiences that bring you trust and joy.

My body-oriented-therapy shifts the story you tell yourself. Opens-up inspiration to alter the way you respond to yourself, and to people in your life.

When you see yourself and the world from different perspective, you can change the way you live your life.

My teacher Matt Licata: We can change the way we feel, by becoming aware of our inner experience and learn to befriend what is going on inside ourselves”.

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