Therapy expands your awareness. Brings insight and new experiences. Supports change and guides self-regulation. Inspiring you to take care of yourself during every experience in your life.

I facilitate safety for you to feel and see what you weren’t aware of before. We talk and use Breathwork to feel deeply into your sensations. Unravel narratives that contract you. Regulate the feelings that inhibit you form living your life open and free.

The first essential step is usually about being aware ánd noticing exactly what is going on in your life and body right now. I offer safe holding; Space for you to invite courage and curiosity; Inviting you to feel into what is too tight in your life. Awareness of the-mind-body-connection is a powerful key to understanding yourself.

Body-oriented-therapy shifts the story you tell yourself. Opens-up inspiration to alter the way you talk- and relate to yourself, and to people in your life.

When you see yourself and the world from different perspectives, you can change the way you live your life.

“My body is glowing with important data required for the way ahead, my portal to magnificent and creativity living”
I’m inspired by Matt Licata

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