Breathwork Groups

Breathing together is an ideal periodical check-up: boosting your immune-system and enhancing cell-regeneration. Your Breath is the number one key to let energy flow freely again.

Offering you to use the power and energy a group generates. Breathwork supports shifting your attention form a busy mind to the clarity of your body.

Breathwork both relaxes and empowers you: Your breath can nourish you when you feel depleted and settle you into deep calm. Conscious Connected Breathing can evoke an altered state of consciousness offering you insights and inspiration beyond your habitual mindset.

A workshop or a course holds a different kind of alchemy. The connection of a group offers heart-felt recognition. A group is an ideal setting to explore- and see the ways in which you interact. Shifting the way you relate to yourself and others is the doorway towards healing. Celebrating life together is what we long for most!

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