Breathwork Circle

A Breathwork Circle both relaxes and empowers you. Using a ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’ technique shifts your attention form a busy mind to the clarity of your body.

Your breath nourishes you when you feel depleted and settles you into deep calm. Conscious Connected Breathing evokes an altered state of consciousness where you’ll get insights and inspiration beyond your habitual mindset.

Moreover, a Breathwork Circle is an ideal periodical check-up: boosting your immune-system and enhancing cell-regeneration. Your Breath is the number one key to let energy flow freely again.

Therapeutic Breathwork course
Inviting you to do deep inner work and receiving healing tools for self-regulation and self-love.
Kyra Mensink (psychologist) and I offer a course in Therapeutic Breathwork: Befriending your emotions while exploring the narratives of your family of origin. We advise you to apply for all 6 sessions!

Thursday’s 18:30-21:00 Location: Blue Birds Oost, Louise Wentstraat 186, Amsterdam
Nov. 3rd · Grounding & Safety
Nov. 10th · Feeling & Freedom
Nov. 17th · Self-worth & Power
Nov. 24th · Love & Connection
Jan. 19th · Truth & Expression
Jan. 26th · Joy & Intuition
email us to apply

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