During Breathwork group-sessions you breathe a full, flowing and circular breath. To receive insight in what is blocking you. Breathwork accommodates a transcendent state of consciousness. A state where awareness expands; insight grows; patterns are being taken under scrutiny; possibilities are infinite; and joy of life is activated. Breathwork is powerful self-healing and relaxing tool.

Due to Corona-regulations I have changed this module to solely breathing through the nose; keeping the mouth closed. Contact me for info:

Gentle Breathwork & Meditation at Blue Birds:
-Bringing awareness to your wish of the day
-Explaining Conscious Breathing with mouth closed
-A safe space on a mat for you to lay on
-A short Breathwork session promoting self-healing
-Rates are according to ClasspassOneFitEversports and Blue Birds West
-Language: English
Weekly classes at Blue Birds Amsterdam check: location West; teacher Mira.
-Please wear comfortable clothes. Bring warm socks and definitely a blanket. Plan some free time after your session to integrate what touched or moved you.

Info, Clarity Phonecall or Signing-up

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