Breathing consciously allows you to feel happy and whole. Enhancing your immune system, nervous system, creativity, and/or athletic endurance.

Conscious Connected Breathing is a felt experience; Inviting tension to open-up; Permitting emotions to be moved; Relaxing body armour; Allowing a sigh of relieve; and Reconnecting to the pureness you are.

Sanne: “Magisch om mee te maken. Ik voelde echt die diepe connectie met mezelf en voelde alles wat me nog tegenhoudt om het leven ten volle te leven. Heel waardevol!”

Weekly Breathing Circle at Yoga studio Blue Birds in Amsterdam West, with a gentle nose-breath. Refer to the Blue Birds schedule

*You can book an online Breathing Circle: € 60 for 60 minutes, choosing your own amount of participants. Note: business rates are higher. And we have to both agree upon the size of the group.

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