Therapeutic Breathwork course

Therapeutic Breathwork is a transformative Journey. Allowing our vulnerabilities, sensitivities, and eccentricities to be portal towards psychological shifts and emotional healing. Embodying self-worth and self-love allows us to be relaxed, inspired and free❤️

Over a period of 6 weeks, we do deep inner work using breath, body ánd mind. We focus on important themes in developmental psychology. Every session welcomes you with a meditation. We then sense into some physical memories of our childhood using a body-based exercise*. This physical sensation increases the intensity our Breathwork. Breathwork invites profound emotional release and new neural pathways. We welcome ourselves to trust the wisdom of our body.

The way we as a child experienced love and connection usually still reflects how we relate to ourselves and to others. When we give ourselves time to tend to the residue of overwhelming emotions, we can permit ourselves compassion. Followed by being curious about every part of us. And recruiting our love to master self-leadership.

Therapeutic Breathwork is experience based. New experiences are best processed and embodied in an interactive way. We therefore work in a group. We invite alternative experiences to be embedded as successful experiences instead of repeating what once contracted us.

When we give ourselves permission to meet our basic needs, we ignite our full potential.

Trainers: Kyra Mensink & Mira Vrdoljak
Location: Blue Birds Oost, Amsterdam
Time: Thursday 18:30-21:00
Dates & Themes:

November 3rd · Grounding & Safety
About being generously welcome and safe. About grounding yourself, relaxing yourself and befriending your nervous system. Coming home in your body; I am here.

November 10th · Feeling & Freedom
About emotional expression ánd containment. Sensing your feelings and inner compass. About moving emotions effortlessly. Unleashing your flow. Freeing your movements.

November 17th · Self-worth & Power
About defining yourself. Let your natural self be known. About self-esteem, personal power, and playful manifestation.

November 24th · Love & Connection
About loving kindness. About loving both yourself and the other. Self-acceptance will give you space to listen and connect.

December 1st · Truth & Expression
Listening to the currents of your system. Expressing your creativity and voicing your truth. About resonating your communication.

December 8th · Joy & Intuition
Trusting to be inspired beyond conventional reference points. About self-knowledge and being yourself- as yourself. Allow your intuition to clearly unfold your imagination and joy.

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*The exercises we use are inspired by Alexander Lowen, Jim Morningstar, Anodea Judith, Matt Licata, Manuela Reeds, Stanley Rosenberg and Deb Dana.

This Therapeutic Breathwork Course is designed for 6- up till 12 participants. You will be able to ride the transformative journey on a deeper level if you join all 6 sessions! Booking the entire course includes our handout with tools to practice self-regulation.
If you want to attend just one -or a few sessions- you are also welcome!

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