Self Regulation Journey

The Self Regulation Journey is for you to experience your own body as your most direct and honest source of information about you; inspiration for you; and regulation back to you. Guiding you towards healing, vivacity, and relaxation.

During this course you inquire into the way you as a young child experienced -and were introduced to- the psychology of fundamental themes like: safety, aliveness, personality, worth, power, love, connection, creativity, joy and inspiration. These themes introduce us to opposites like: fear, abandonment, manipulation, guilt, shame, confusion, and betrayal.

You will explore your relationship with these themes mentally, physically and spiritually. Open up through body-guided experiencing exercises. And breathing exercises, because sensing and breathing with awareness is a powerful self-healing tool. Bodywork supports self-reflection. Breathwork expands your perspective and invites you to connect to yourself and others with the softest love and care.

theme 1
· Grounding & Safety
About being generously welcome and safe. About grounding yourself through your breath. Relaxing and befriending yourself. Coming home in your body. I am here.

theme 2
· Emotions & Flow
About emotional expression ánd containment. Breathing-in your feelings and longing. About moving emotions effortlessly. Freeing your movements and flow.

theme 3
· Individuation & Power
About defining yourself. Let your natural self be known; shine who you are. About self-esteem, personal power, and playful manifestation.

theme 4
· Expression & Truth
Listening to the currents of your system. Perceiving with clarity. Expressing your creativity and voicing your truth. About resonating your creativity.

theme 5
· Love & Connection
Being true to yourself. Worthy to let your heart flow. About warm and loving touch. Being present with yourself and the other.

theme 6
· Joy & intuition
Trusting to be inspired beyond conventional reference points. Your Inner self knows all. Enjoy being yourself- as yourself. Allow your intuition to clearly unfold your imagination.

Traveling through the entire transformative journey (6x) includes access to self-regulating tools to practice at home and handouts.

Kyra Mensink (Psychologist) and Mira Vrdoljak (Breathwork therapist)

Per theme a brief summary of developmental psychology
Emotional Bodywork / Experiencing
Breathing exercises
Being support by- and reflected in a group of like-minded people

Location & Time
to be continued in Amsterdam

*The exercises we use are inspired by Alexander Lowen, Jim Morningstar, Given Tonkov, Anodea Judith, and Deb Dana.

This Self Regulation Journey Course is designed for around 10 participants.

We created this course for you to open-up to your breath/spirit, shine light on unknown parts in you, and to invite yourself to get back home to you. Offering tools to self-regulate in loving kindness; grounding yourself, unleashing your emotions, igniting your power, and creativity. And to listen to your heart’s true whispers; lighting-up joy and love.

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