Feeling deep Listening

Allow me to take you on a transformative Journey. Dedicating yourself to a course of 4 workshops. Assemble your own small group of 4 participants. Doing innerwork at your place: Reflecting on yourself through your breath, body, mind ánd through your people (for this journey you don’t bring relatives 🙂 We do Conscious-Breathwork, Conscious-Bodywork and Conscious-Emotional Release.


This Journey brings insight into your thoughts and behaviour. Doing inner-work. Shining light on emotions that where once too big to process. Receiving tools to relax your system and wake up parts of you. Giving expression to what you have forgotten about. A course of 4 workshops using the wisdom of your body and your own breath.

Let’s explore your roots. And see how ‘young you’ experienced / experiences love and attention: From time to time the narratives of our roots, of our family of origin, seem to ‘repress’ parts of us. Sometimes, something appears to keep us away from our natural longing to be there for ourselves. Concealing our innate joy.

I notice that most of us repeat the way our caregivers connect(ed) to us. I started to inquire, and now see this pattern reflected in the way we connect to others… and reflected in the way we connect to ourselves.

Do you give yourself loving kindness? Do you tend to yourself? Can you be gentle to yourself without forcing yourself to be different or holding back parts of you? How often do you allow yourself to stay close? To be with yourself? As yourself? Owning yourself?

Feeling deep Listening is a series of 4 workshops. About feeling-, seeing- and listening to- yourself. You, and 3 fellow travellers, will journey and explore your life. Connecting to 4 elements of vitality:

Earth: About your physical identity, your right to be here and your right to have. About being welcome and being save. Reclaim your ground.

Water: About your emotional identity and emotional expression; your right to feel what You feel. Also about your right to want and enjoy; to reclaim your joy.

Fire: About defining yourself and your right to act according to your self. Reclaim personal power.

Air: About loving kindness. About your right to love and your right to be loved. Reclaim freedom.

“When we love deeply or take pleasure in a touch we can feel the expansion and feelings of safety that arise with it. We can then experience being connected; being home; feeling warm; completely calm; and all of our cells shining bright.”