☆ Breath Awareness ☆ is about self-regulating your system. Getting back to you. Especially supportive if you are very busy, feel worried, stressed or anxious (more). Your breath can nourish you when you feel depleted. Breathing with Awareness is also an ideal periodical check-up for it improves your immune-system and supports regeneration.

☆ Guided Breath Awareness
☆ Bringing your attention to present sensations
☆ Befriending your nerves
☆ Allowing your breath and body to be your source of inspiration

I guide Breath Awareness one-on-one including coaching (click the blue bubbles to contact me). And you can also become aware during a Breathing Circle. Info on Breathing Circles or join my class at Blue Birds Amsterdam.

Breathing fully and steadily more open, is a way to get back into your body; To slow down and notice your present experience; Perceiving your sensations and thoughts; Permitting yourself to connect with what is, with where you are right now; To be there for yourself and settle into deep calm.

☆ I recommend at least 3 sessions. Innerwork through Breath Awareness is a step-by-step process. In my experience, the journey of going inwards unfolds slowly over time. Meeting different guides along the way, while honouring your inner compass.

I offer my sessions online and in person. I follow all Dutch COVID-19 regulations.

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