Booking a Breathwork Group

I facilitate Breathwork for groups you assemble.
You can choose to focus on Breath Awareness, or for example on Conscious Connected Breathing; Either a more gentle Breath Journey or a more Trance Breathing one!

I recommend a 2,5 hours session. But any timespan from 1 hour on is possible.
Price depends on distance from Amsterdam and amount of people, starting at € 100 per hour. (I also charge for preparation. I don’t have to charge VAT. Business rate + 50%).

Mira: +316 45768811 –
Looking forward to meeting you and work together!

I respect and protect your privacy. I never share your personal data.

Contra-indications: If you have epilepsy or psychoses, or had in the past, then you should not use the Conscious-Connected-Breathing-technique.

If you are pregnant or are having a cardiovascular disease; high blood pressure; or eye problems, then please let me know. Even-though these aren’t absolute contra-indications, using a Breath-Awareness-technique is more suitable for your circumstance.

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