‘back to me’ practice

Slow down. Tune-in and bring awareness to your breathing. Notice the sensations of your breath. Feel your breath coming into your body. Sense exhalations settle and spread. Allow yourself to arrive at your natural ground.

In being aware of your own breath, you hold yourself in the present moment. Grounding yourself in dignity and beauty.

Redirect your attention. Disown ideas to make things happen. Stop believing negativity. Bring your awareness to your breath. Give yourself permission to listen to your own breath, not your thoughts. Your breath brings your presence to this moment. Allow yourself to just be: I am

Breathing in deep into your Heart. Feel light flowing through. Connect to your Heart asking yourself: “dear body what do I long for right now?”

Affirm what’s healing and nourishing for you right now. Generously breathing in the quality resonating with your Heart.

Breathing S.T.A.R. Slow down, Tune in, Allow, Redirect ☆ I AM THE STAR IN MY OWN LIFE

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