Getting back into your Body

Sometimes we experience stress or anxiety. And sometimes we avoid feelings of overwhelm by (unconsciously) cutting ourselves off from feeling our body (and our joy). Sometimes we even feel hijacked by our nervous system. This can happen when we are on survive-mode a lot.

I guide you to be there for yourself. To gradually be with the palette of your sensations. I do this because I myself have extensively denied, locked and tried to push away feelings. Resulting in a harnessed and contracted body. I felt jammed-up. I had physical pain, emotional ​distress and mental issues.

Now, when I notice myself starting to fall off centre and feeling restless, anxious, fearful or even in panic, I pause for a moment. I stop what I’m doing. I close my eyes and take deep breaths. When my nervous system is highly activated, I now acknowledge that. I reaffirm slowing down by breathing with awareness. I gradually allow my senses to open-up to my physical sensations. Allowing my breath -and this is a step bij step process- to stay very close to what I feel, instead of pushing things away. I now grant myself tenderness. Asking myself: “Where am I?” and: “How is my body today?” and: “What does my body need today?” This is how I learned to nourish and take care of myself.