I started exploring my breath in 2014 while being hospitalised. This was when I was burned-out, and unable to move. My body informed me it was time to listen to my body. Time for deep Inner-Work.

I realised my breath shows me what is going-on ánd informs me about what I need. My breath allows me to experience what loving self-care feels like. How to stay close to myself, even during overwhelm. My breath inspired me to quit the job I didn’t like. My breath inspires me to be with people and in places that resonate with me. My breath shows me how to connect to people.

I’ve learned to allow my breath and body to be my compass. Breath-oriented-therapy and bioenergetics encouraged me to travel into the depths of my life-experiences. These modalities made me realise how humans -like myself- are story telling beings. I realised that some stories aren’t vital: “I feel exhausted because they are not letting me live my life”. Other stories do bring vibrancy: “I notice how miraculous the world is. And I allow my qualities and skills to shine brightly!”

Self-inquiry and therapy made me aware of what’s holding me back. Informed me how to re-direct my attention. Opening up to dance my natural flow and open my heart.

I attended the Amsterdam Steiner School and completed my Master of Arts at the University of Amsterdam. I have worked at the Dutch Cancer Society for 10 years. At 17 years old, I started body-oriented inquiry with yoga and meditation. As a yoga teacher (>2005), I was initially inspired by Jivamukti Yoga. Other Bodywork-trainings followed, e.g. Somatic Experience, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Shakti Flow. I have a Croatian / Dutch background. My daughter is starting university. My son is in high school.

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