Individual Breathwork offers time to explore the full range of benefits of working with your breath; relaxation, realization and inspiration to evolve. I guide you into breathing a natural and open Conscious Connected Breath. Your own breath can mirror behavioural patterns or inner dialogues that may hold you back.

I facilitate your exploration; physically, mentally and spiritually. I encourage you to notice the details of your sensations and to fully experience everything you feel. I use gentle pressure on your body to invite releasing tension. My sessions are accompanied by music that suits the moment. You conclude the session with calming down for integration; allowing seeds to manifest; and your consciousness to evolve even more.

Allow me to accompany your Breath Journey; either on a shorter- or a longer trail. You breathe a Conscious Connected Breath ánd you take time to clarify what you have come to realise. Redesigning your responses and the way you meet your life.

info – book a session – embark your new journey:

Individual rates:
Short Trail – 3 sessions € 270
Grow insight and self love and clarify what wants attention.

Long Trail – 6 sessions € 420
Expand self love doing interwork to give yourself space.

Single Session€ 108
Explore your self

Location: your place* or studio Blue Birds
Duration: 90-120 min

Other rates:
with 2 participants** + 20%
with 3 participants** + 30%
Business rates: + 50%
Online sessions are shorter and almost! half the rates

It’s advisable to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions. I recommend more sessions to catalyse changes to any habitual patterns you no longer benefit from. Doing the work to integrate change.

Location: Prinsengracht 493 or Jan Evertsenstraat 4 (yoga studio Blue Birds) or at your place*
Language: Dutch, English
VAT: all rates are free from VAT (because of the KOR)
Bring: – Your own towel or sheet to put on top of the studio-mat and a small one to cover the studio-pillow.
Water bottle, – Comfortable clothes, – Warm socks.
Plan some free time after your session, to integrate what moved you.

Breathing is the only system in your body that is both completely automatic and also under your control. The way you breathe when you are peaceful and calm is different than the way you breathe when you are uncomfortable or upset. Changing the way I breathe inspired growth in my life.

Breathwork has been used by yogis, mystics, saints, guru’s, warriors and athletes for centuries. Breathwork supports inner-calm, peak-performance, optimum-health and connection to your center; your intuition; your source. Breathwork accomodates the art of being.

* I facilitate at your place, but only if we met before and only if you live within 30 minutes by bike from my place in Amsterdam.
** Using Conscious Connected Breath on more then one person in one room during our Corona period? I work with this specific breathing technique only with participants that don’t have to keep each other at a distance, like partners for example.

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