Individual Breathwork offers time to explore the full range of benefits of working with your breath; relaxation, realization and inspiration to evolve. I guide you into breathing a natural and open conscious connected breath. Your own breath can mirror behavioural patterns or inner dialogues that may hold you back.

I facilitate your exploration; physically, mentally and spiritually. I encourage you to notice the details of your sensations and to fully experience everything that touches you. I use gentle pressure on your body to invite releasing tension. My sessions are accompanied by music that suits the moment. We conclude the session with calming down for integration; releasing energies that are no longer suitable; allowing seeds to manifest; and your consciousness to evolve even more.

If you choose my accompany on your breath-journey. We take time to verbalize what you have come to realize. And together we redesign your responses and the way you meet your life.

contact me – info – schedule session – embark a new journey:

Individual rates all free from VAT:
@ you place*
about 90 minutes € 95

@ studio (studio access has been suspended)
single session – 90-120 minutes – € 120
breath-journey – 3 sessions – 90-120 min – € 299
breath-journey – 5 sessions – 90-120 min – € 455

It’s advisable to commit yourself to a minimum of 3 sessions. I recommend more sessions to catalyse changes to any habitual patterns you no longer benefit from. And to integrate change.

Business rates: + 50% free from VAT

Location: ONLINE or at your place if you life in Amsterdam*
Language: Dutch, English

Please wear comfortable clothes, no belts nor tight buttons. Bring warm socks. Plan some free time after your session, to integrate what moved you.
* within 30 minutes by bike from my place

CONTACT me for info, a clarity phonecall or to schedule your session(s)

Breathwork has been used by yogis, mystics, saints, guru’s, warriors and athletes for centuries. Breathwork supports inner-calm, peak-performance, optimum-health and connection to your center; your intuition; your source. Breathwork accomodates the art of being.

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