let your breath set you free


Breathing Consciously during Breathwork allows you to understand more of you and more about your interactions. Breathwork is about gently opening up your exploration, your insight and your healing concerning issues like: anxiety, or anger, or guilt, self-worth issues, mental problems, relationship dis-balances, eating disorders, addictions, beliefs that do not nourish, blockages in moving forward, trauma, depression and other issues you feel stuck in. Breathwork generates new responses for you to enjoy radiant living.

relax and radiate your body
focus and free your mind

calm and balance your emotions
expand and evolve your consciousness
nourish your joyful spirit

Breathwork is an evolutionary approach to self-love and self-healing.
I facilitate Breathwork for groups and Private Breath-Therapy

CONTACT me for questions, info or to schedule your session

Mastery of your breath is the foundation for; stimulating health and vitality; opening creativity and emotions; controlling moods; developing concentration; and promoting a feeling of connectedness. (Yogi Bhajan)

STAR is a modality I’ve developed for knowing yourself at a deeper level, doing inner work, and redesigning your responses. In the future you can sign up for my workshop.

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