let your breath set you free


Mastery of breath is the foundation for; Promoting health and vitality; Opening creativity and emotions; Controlling moods; Developing concentration; Promoting a feeling of connectedness. (Yogi Bhajan)

Breathwork can change your life. Inspiring you to relax and bring insight into the full spectrum of your experiences. To expand consciousness and to embody insight can open flow. For you to generate new responses in your interactions. To enjoy radiant living.

Breathing is the only system in your body that is both completely automatic and also under your control. The way you breathe when you are peaceful and calm is different than the way you breathe when you are uncomfortable or upset. What if changing the way you breathe can inspire change in your life.

relax and radiate your body
focus and free your mind

calm and balance your emotions
expand and enhance your consciousness
nourish your joyful spirit

Breathwork is an evolutionary approach to self-love and self-healing.
I facilitate Breathwork for groups and Private Breath-Therapy

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